My Account

Please click on one of the headings below for information on accessing and managing your account.

Web Hosting Control Panel

To access your web hosting control panel, please visit:

replace with your domain name. You will be directed to the proper location. Your username is the same username you use for FTP and SSH.

Domain Registration Control Panel

If we registered a domain on your behalf (Managed Domain Registration), then please use the Help icon in the bottom of any page in our site to request support or changes to that domain.

If you registered it directly on our website, pleaseĀ visit our self-service domain website and click My Account in the top menu.

Update Billing Information

To update your billing information, please click on the link in any invoice we send to access your FreshBooks billing profile. From there you can add or update a card on file. If you need another copy of your invoice, please click the help icon in the bottom of your screen and contact us for assistance.

If you used our self-service domain registration system and wish to update your billing information, pleaseĀ go to our self-service domain registration system page and click My Account on the top menu bar.