About OCS Solutions

about ocs solutions  

OCS Solutions, Inc. started its life as Oliver’s Computer Services, which specialized in custom built computers and computer repair, in 1997. In late 1999, Oliver’s Computer Services started a subsidiary called Shoals Web Services, which developed web sites for the Shoals Area of Northwest Alabama. By the end of 2000, the two companies merged to create OCS Solutions, which was later incorporated in 2005 in Lauderdale County Alabama.

OCS Solutions, Inc. is a privately held Internet services company based in Florence, Alabama, part of the beautiful Shoals Area of the Tennessee Valley. For over two decades, we have provided expert development services, DevOps consulting, server administration, and web hosting to clients all across the globe. Our customers are our priority! We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer support.

Our philosophy is that we believe in putting the customer first in everything we do. This includes not only the services we provide but the products we create.Some of our customers have equated us to being a Web 2.0 safe harbor, where new and simple ideas are embraced without the “IT staff is all important” attitude that contributed to the dot-bomb of the new millennium. Our customers are first, and we don’t forget that. We use real-world proven technologies and use the best tools for the job.

OCS Solutions Is A Green Company

Telecommuting, energy efficient servers and workstations, and strict recycling policies are our part in the global effort to ensure a brighter future for the planet. We now provide web hosting, web development, and internet related services to the entire world. We have customers in all 50 states of the USA and also in over 30 countries around the world.

Forward Thinking Problem Solvers

We are constantly planning for the future – both in our own operations and that of our customers. We want your site to be ready for any amount of traffic. Our technicians are renowned for quick and efficient problem solving. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking to tackle a problem’s root cause, not the symptoms.

The OCS Solutions Team

Robert W. Oliver II


Robert founded OCS Solutions, Inc. in 1997. He is involved in nearly all technical operations and is a very hands-on person. He holds several certifications in Linux, PHP, and Microsoft Windows, and is a published technical and fiction writer. Robert is an expert in C/C++, PHP, Ruby, C#, Python, and Assembly.

Simon K. Mak


Simon is the head of software development and is involved in many internal projects. He also manages the finances of our company. He holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and a degree in mathematics and education from the University of North Alabama, and is knowledgeable in Ruby, PHP, and C/C++.

Ruth Anne Mak


Ruth Anne handles many of the day to day operations of OCS Solutions, Inc. She is responsible for managing many of the servers and is head of the customer support team. She holds a bachelor's degree in Biology and Earth and Space Science in Education from the University of North Alabama.

Marsha A. Bradford

Creative Director

Marsha is the chief graphic artist and head of the web design team. She has been professionally involved in both graphic arts and photography for over 10 years. She has extensive experience in HTML and CSS. She also is an integral part of the customer support team.


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We accept all forms of credit, debit, pre-paid and gift cards. We also convenitently accept most forms of digital crypto-currency such as Bitcon, Ethereum, Dash and more.

We Accept Checks & Purchase Orders

Personal checks, company checks and purchase orders are gladly accepted. Purchase orders and NET term arrangements are subject to approval. Cash may be sent securely to our physical address.