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AWS (Amazon Web Services) are a set of services provided by Amazon, including S3 (Simple Storage Service) and EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud Computing), provided to developers and web service providers that allow them to take advantage of Amazon’s large datacenter infrastructure in a pay-as-you-go, infinitely scalable way.

Our aws consulting allows you to leverage this unique and powerful cloud infrastructure with your existing websites and applications and provides support for both server and cloud-level issues that may arise.

Our Amazon Web Services consulting engineers are 100% US based!

Common Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Tasks

How Our Consulting Works

We can work in a wide variety of ways with you and your team. We can perform all of the server administration, management, deployment, and support needs for you, or just provide per-incident support assistance, or a mix of it all. You’re in control with our Amazon Web Services consulting.

Though our consulting service is truly custom in nature, we do tend to follow this general workflow with a new client:

Why To Choose OCS Solutions For Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting

OCS Solutions has been both using and helping our customers make use of Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) and EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) services since their early limited beta period in late 2006. We have an extensive amount of experience in adapting existing Internet technologies and practices into the new wave of infinitely scalaeble solutions that Amazon offers.

In addition, we offer a full selection of web hosting services that can both augment and enhance your EC2 deployments. Our custom mix approach increases reliability and decreases reliance on just one company or service to maximize uptime.

Engagement Tailored To Your Needs

We can bill by the hour (in 15-minute increments) for infrequent or project-based aws consulting.

Retainer Package Billing: For ongoing maintenance, we can craft a maintenance plan to save you money and fit your budget, as well as provide emergency support.

By The Hour

$95 / hr

  • Billed By The Hour
  • 15-Minute Increments

Ongoing Support

$299+ / mo

  • Emergency Support Available
  • Proactive / Planned Maintenance
AWS Consulting Frequently Asked Questions
I already have paid support from Amazon. Why do I need OCS?
Amazon Web Services Support is a paid technical support option that Amazon offers for its services. While their technicians are excellent at helping with AWS infrastructure issues, they do not assist with server-side code, configuration issues, or customer integration issues beyond their API and platform. We act as both consultants and support engineers and work with your applications, supporting custom configurations and unique environments.
Do I have to chose a monthly retainer plan?
No, you may pay per hour if you wish.
Can you assist with Elastic MapReduce / Hadoop jobs?
Absolutely! We have created Hadoop tasks to analyze and process massive amounts of data.
We have an existing AWS environment. Can you work with that?
Yes. We commonly work with configuration performed by the customer or other engineers. We excel at quickly assimilating the details of the existing environment and either working within that paradigm or preparing (and executing, if you wish) or recommended configuration changes. We do not seek to change your workflow (unless you wish us to optimize it).
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