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For over two decades, OCS Solutions has been serving business all across the world from the beautiful Shoals Area of Northwest Alabama.

Our skilled and friendly team is ready to help you.

Web Hosting, Web Design, and IT Consulting Services

Web Hosting

Trust our hosting experts to serve your website. Count on amazing uptime, rely on excellent support, and enjoy affordable monthly prices. We accept purchase orders, checks, and cryptocurrency.

Cloud Consulting

Since 2006, our US-based engineers have been helping customers with Amazon Web Services and then later Microsoft Azure. Incrase capacity, flexibility, and uptime with cloud computing.

Server Administration

Our US-based server administrators have decades of experience in securing, optimizing, and maintaining Linux and Windows servers. Sleep well knowing OCS setup and secure your servers.

IT Mentoring

Stuck on an technical issue and need guidance from senior-level developers and server administrators? Need best practice advice? Our experts will help your team exceed your goals!

Customer Feedback

We’ve had great luck with OCS Solutions. Charles Jolley

Developer, SproutIt, Facebook, Apple

Every night they were there for me, through FastCGI, Mongrel, Memcached, Pound, Lighttpd, clustering databases, and more. Bachir Bable


Robert, you jumped on board and saved a drowning life raft! The business truly appreciates you and your company for your efforts last week. You are the best IT person I have ever worked with! I may not be an expert in IT, but I certainly saw a job being handled exceptionally in an extremely short time frame. Becky Pflipsen

Assessment Manager, Tucker International

By the way, your service today has been excellent! I’ve gotten farther with you guys over the last 8 hours than I did in 8 days with my old hosting service. Thanks a lot! Alan Risto

Georgia Institute of Technology

Having been with another hosting company with mediocre service for several years, OCS has completely changed my perspective on hosts and what customer service SHOULD be. I highly recommend OCS! Chelsea Eriksen

CEO, MojoWriting

OCS Solutions is helpful, friendly, and quickly responsive. My old provider has faded into a vaguely distant, bad memory. John Collins


Thank you so much – you have made my life simple by making IT stuff I don’t know how to do (and don’t want to learn) easy. I just ask and it gets done. What could be better?

Christine Luckscheiter

Principal, Chesapeake Biotech Partners, LLC

Thanks for taking care of this with your usual efficiency. I appreciate having you on tap and monitoring AWS for me. AWS has been a great benefit and I’m much more relaxed about it knowing that you are monitoring it. Dan Farrand

CEO and Founder, Walking Man Software

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