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Configuring Dreamweaver for Ruby

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 does not have native support for Ruby syntax highlighting. To help address this, Rob Cameron created a plugin for Dreamweaver called RubyWeaver. It is currently maintained by Jason Gill. It is an excellent choice for web designers and developers that use Dreamweaver and work with Ruby on Rails.

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OCS Web Hosting Fully Supports Dreamweaver

We support Dreamweaver's built in FTP and Secure FTP functionality with our web hosting. Dreamweaver is an excellent choice to design your website. Many of our customers use Dreamweaver's powerful site management features to help them keep their website files organized, and use Dreamweaver's innovative design environment to design great looking and functional websites.

Savings for Dreamweaver Users!

If you are a user of Dreamweaver or RubyWeaver, you may use the coupon code RUBYWEAVER in the comments field of your order to receive a 5% discount on your order!

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