Sure, but Email Hosting is Free, Right?

With free email services, you are the product, not the customer. Your email data is used to help generate a marketing profile to deliver advertising while you work and converse with friends and family. You have no support, no guarantee of service, and you can’t brand your email address.

Marketing experts have long advised small business owners to have an email address on their domain name and not with a free email service. It’s undeniable that [email protected] looks a lot better than [email protected]. Even [email protected] has significant limitations. With our email hosting, you can use your own domain.

My Email Comes with My Web Hosting

We love cPanel. It’s an excellent hosting platform. OCS has long offered email addresses on your domain as part of a hosting package. cPanel provides good support for email. That said, it suffers from several drawbacks:

  • Inadequate spam protection versus proprietary solutions
  • Email hosted on same server as website

Let’s explore both of these issues:

SPAM Protection

The first is not to knock SpamAssassin – it is a good solution. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well out of the box for most people. It requires some training and calibrating to reach the maximum effectiveness for each user. Also, it being open source, spammers can run their email through it and know how it will score before they send, giving them a huge advantage.

Separation of Email and Web

The second issue – same server email – sounds like more of a convenience than a problem, but it can quickly become an issue in a shared hosting environment. While uncommon, outbound SPAM emails do make it through the email system of a cPanel server. Scripts and processes we run on the server quickly clamp down on this, but even a handful of SPAM messages can be too much for some providers. Every web hosting company must deal with playing wack-a-mole with removing servers from blacklists to ensure maximum delivery rates.

Our Solution: OCS Email Hosting

With OCS Email Hosting, your email is your property – private and secure. It isn’t scanned to build profiles on you like most free providers do, and only US-based agents are allowed to access your email only in the event of diagnosing an issue you raise (with your consent) or complying with a valid US court order. Since this system is on a completely separate cluster from your web hosting systems, it isn’t affected by the same issues that affect cPanel email accounts.

With our new email service, you’ll enjoy secure, reliable, and easy to use email service packed with an impressive array of features. An integrated webmail system allows you to manage your contacts, calendar, and handle all of your mails from the comfort of a browser. There’s support for Outlook, Thunderbird, and most other IMAP/POP3 clients, and our service works well on the iOS or Android platform.

You’ll enjoy 24/7 phone support and the peace of mind knowing that an entire team of experts is working around the clock to ensure your email is reliable and secure.