Fully Managed Hosting

Fully Managed Hosting

Finally: Affordable, Fully Managed Hosting

Most managed offers cover only sites large enough to require the resources of a full server.  Using cloud technology, OCS fully managed hosting brings this level of convenience and reliability, formally only available to large companies, to the individual and small business at extremely affordable pricing.

We Handle Everything

The hosting industry typically uses the term managed hosting, but we like to use the phrase fully managed hosting because we handle everything for you.  The only thing you have to do is design your site.  If you need help with that, we’ve got you covered.


Automatic Scaling

Gone are the days of worrying about hosting plans, gigabytes of RAM, and hard disk size limits.  We handle all of the details for you, automatically adjusting the infrastructure underneath your site to match your needs.  Never pay for more than you need.


Security and Relability

Every fully managed hosting website is constantly monitored by multiple systems to ensure maximum uptime.  Our engineering team applies the latest security updates either automatically or with your coordination to ensure full compatibility.

Rest Easy

Hosting a site can be complicated.  Let us completely handle your hosting needs so that you can focus on your website, your business, or taking some much needed time off.  We enjoy helping our customers succeed.

Enterprise Grade Fully Managed Hosting
Small Business Pricing


Additional Resources

You may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. We also provide the following additional resources:

Additional Bandwidth

$0.25 per GB

Additional Disk Space

$3 per GB/mo

Dedicated IP for SSL

$2 per month

Microsoft SQL Database

$7.50 per 100 MB

Please note that due to the load balanced and multi-server nature of our fully managed hosting service, SSH or RDP support is not available at this time. We are exploring ways to add this, but in the meantime, you can use FTP and SFTP to manage and deploy your files.

We Accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Checks / Purchase Orders, and Bitcoin

We offer quick and easy monthly payments via credit card or PayPal, but if your organization doesn’t use credit cards, no problem! We will be glad to accept checks, NET terms, and purchase orders from qualified businesses, organizations, and government entities. We will be glad to work with your accounting department to accommodate your accounts receivable process.

Fully Managed Hosting Features

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Full Linux Server Management
All services, including open-source software like Apache, PHP, Python, MariaDB, SMTP, FTP, and SFTP, are fully managed and supported. We will maintain and support the configuration of these services and apply bug-fix and security updates as needed.

Full Windows Server Management
We support Windows, too!  All services, including IIS, ASP.NET, and Microsoft SQL Server, are fully managed and supported.  We will maintain and support the configuration of these services and apply bug-fix and security updates as needed.

Cost Effective
Our fully managed cloud hosting infrastructure allows us to dynamically scale assigned resources with ease, helping us save you money. We regularly inspect actual vs. expected resource usage to ensure your hosting configuration is optimal.

Automatic Scaling
If your website gets a higher surge of traffic than usual we can handle it by increasing server resources.  Our cloud-based infrastructure can expand quickly to accommodate even the busiest of websites.

Performance Optimization
We are obsessed with performance.  Using a combination of load balancing, content-delivery networks, database optimization, and page fragment caching, we can speed up even the most sluggish website.  Not only will you have happier visitors but you’ll save money, too!

Database Administration
We can not only provide support for popular database servers like MariaDB and Microsoft SQL Server, we can help administer your database as well, including many common tasks like data restoration, performance optimization, and more.  Any application or data-specific task (programming, data design, etc.) that is not part of standard server management may incur a separate fee if applicable.

Remote Monitoring
Not only do we have internal monitoring to prevent downtime, but we also use a series of externally hosted monitors to ensure that if there is an outage we’ll know about it right away.

Migration Services
Our migration strategies that we’ve developed in our nearly 20 years of web hosting take the pain out of switching your hosting.  As part of your FREE consultation and estimate, we can develop a migration plan – often including no downtime!