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Free DNS hosting, free forwarding and masking, free e-mail forwarding, free domain locking, and more!

Total Control

Adjust nameservers, DNS settings, WHOIS records, subdomains, and other features 24 hours a day with an easy-to-use control panel.

Premium Support

Have a question about a domain name?  Give us a call at 256-764-4035 or contact us. We’ll be glad to help!

Fully Managed Domain Registration

With our fully managed domain registration, we’ll register the domain(s) of your choice, on your behalf, and in your name. You will retain full ownership of the domain name, but we will manage the registration details, nameservers, and other technical aspects for you.

Starting at only $15 per domain per year!

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Self-Service Domain Registration

If you’d rather manage the registration yourself, you can save a bundle! Our control panel allows you to edit WHOIS, nameservers, host records, DNS, or simply forward the domain to another URL at any time.

Starting at only $9.99 per domain per year!

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