Let’s Chat and Shared Hosting Upgrades

Let’s Chat and Shared Hosting Upgrades

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks at OCS Solutions!

Shared Hosting Upgrades

All cPanel shared hosting servers have received significant upgrades. In addition to faster processors, we have also added more RAM and faster hard drives (SSD). Your sites will enjoy a significant speed boost without you having to lift a finger!

Although our Plesk servers are running on a newer generation of hardware, they will still be receiving RAM upgrades this week.

Live Support Chat

In addition to phone, email, and text (SMS) support, we are delighted to announce that we now have live support chat available on our website. Our world-renowned expert support is available via chat from any page of our website. Simply click the Chat icon in the bottom right hand screen to speak directly with an agent.

If all representatives are busy, the Chat icon will become a Help icon, in which case you’ll be able to open a support ticket directly from any page. Your request will receive expert care and attention as quickly as possible.