Let’s Chat and Shared Hosting Upgrades

Let’s Chat and Shared Hosting Upgrades

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks at OCS Solutions!

Shared Hosting Upgrades

All cPanel shared hosting servers have received significant upgrades. In addition to faster processors, we have also added more RAM and faster hard drives (SSD). Your sites will enjoy a significant speed boost without you having to lift a finger!

Although our Plesk servers are running on a newer generation of hardware, they will still be receiving RAM upgrades this week.

Live Support Chat

In addition to phone, email, and text (SMS) support, we are delighted to announce that we now have live support chat available on our website. Our world-renowned expert support is available via chat from any page of our website. Simply click the Chat icon in the bottom right hand screen to speak directly with an agent.

If all representatives are busy, the Chat icon will become a Help icon, in which case you’ll be able to open a support ticket directly from any page. Your request will receive expert care and attention as quickly as possible.

OCS Now Accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum

OCS Now Accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum

I am pleased to announce that OCS Solutions now accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for all of our services. Any invoice that you receive from us can be paid via Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH).  We strongly believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of commerce and are proud to join the growing number of merchants who accept these alternative methods of payment.

To pay any invoice with a cryptocurrency, please reply to the invoice and describe the amount and currency you wish to use. We will send you a wallet address and instructions, and once the transaction is confirmed your payment will be credited in US dollars at the current exchange rate.

Announcing Text Message Technical Support

Announcing Text Message Technical Support

OCS Solutions has a reputation for awesome technical support, on top of our extensive knowledge of web hosting, IT mentoring and other web programming services.

That’s why we are delighted to announce our new text message technical support service!

Any message you text to 256-973-9996 will be immediately converted to a ticket and will be responded to by our support staff as soon as possible. Since there is a character limit, we will be mindful of this when replying. If your issue requires more than text can provide, we may send you an email for more lengthy replies.

Why text message technical support for your web hosting account?

  • You probably aren’t spending a lot of time in front of your computer these days and you may just need a quick question answered about an account issue, upgrade or even a billing request.
  • Maybe your website is experiencing downtime, along with your computer (that happens a lot more than people think), and you need help figuring out the problem.
  • You have clients or customers calling you about a website issue and you need an extra “computer” and support to help walk you through the troubleshooting process.
  • If someone asks you a question, you can simply reply, “let me ask my web people,” whip out your phone and have the answer in the palm of your hand. Literally.

With text message technical support, now you can carry OCS Solutions web hosting, IT mentoring and web programming services with you everywhere you go.

Our text message technical support gives you the assurance of a team of professionals in the IT and hosting industry with the care of a family that wants you and your business to succeed.

Add our text message technical support number to your contacts today, in case you need it tomorrow. 256-973-9996